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This User Guide is for version 1.0.

SandR has a simple and intuitive interface.

To start, open command prompt on Windows or a terminal window on *nix:

  1. Download the jar file (latest, sandr_1_0.jar) into a directory /path/to/directory (C:\path\to\directory)
  2. Go to the directory: cd /path/to/directory (cd C:\path\to\directory)
  3. Start the program: java -jar sandr_1_0.jar

File/Directory: Textbox. Type the complete path (from root, e.g. / for *nix, C:\ for Windows etc.) of the topmost directory where you want to start the recursive searching. If you enter a file path, the search will be limited to that file only. The box can be populated via the Browse button.

Browse: Button. For convenience, you can select the directory or the file from a File Chooser by clicking the Browse button.

File Type (Wildcard OK): Textbox. Enter the type of file you want your operation to limit on. If you want to do operation on all types of file, put a * (asterisk). For all files with .txt extension, enter *.txt; for all files starting with r and ending with e, enter r*e and so on. You can enter multiple types sseparated by comma. E.g. if you want to limit you search to only html and php files, enter *.htm*,*.php.

File Encoding: Textbox. If you know the file encoding for ALL files, select it from the dropdown menu. But for most cases, it's best to leave it to "Guess".

Search String (can be Java style Regular Expression): Textbox. Type in your search string in this box. If it is a Java style Regular Expression, Check the Regular Expression checkbox. Note: Regular Expressions are for the Advanced Users.

Replace String: Textbox. Type in the string you want to replace the string in Search String box.

SandR on Linux, while executing a search and replace

Recursive: Checkbox. Check this box if you want to do the search and replace in the subdirectories. By default, it is ON.

Log: Checkbox. Check this box if you want to have a log of the operation. The log is created in the current directory. By default, this is OFF.

Backups (Will keep backups of the original files): Checkbox. Check this box if you want to keep backup of all files which are changed by this program. By default, this is ON.

Go: Button. Click to start operation. The button becomes inactive while the operation is in progress.

Cancel: Button. Click to stop operation. The button is only active when an operation is in progress. There is one status line which shows your selection of Recursion, Logging and Backups. When the program is in operation, this will also show the number of directories and files processed. There is one status line showing the file or the directory the program is searching. This status line comes only when the search is going on.

Contact the developer at: s a m b i t b a s u @ y a h o o . c o m